No Longer Required – Web Design Software

I appreciate that this may sound like a bold statement but in fact I feel that it is true.
Last night I reviewed my reading list from a couple of years back and found this article I read back in 2009 PC Pro Blog  I remember thinking at the time that this would not happen, However a lot can happen in 3 years. WordPress has grown from a blogging platform to a system to build a whole website with a easy to use content management system. Web site hosting providers have grown up and realised that the best customers are not necessarily techies but end users. they have therefore added tools to manage the whole domain including email services, web site analysis tools and easy to use web site design software. On top of that other content management systems are making a big impact such as joomla and drupal. You can now build a whole website within minutes using pre-built templates an excellent example is This has become so mainstream they are even advertising on the TV.

The PragmatIT web site and in fact this WordPress based blog is hosted by Easy Internet Solutions they offer the whole gambit of tools to manage your whole domain.
They even offer a free package albeit with very low bandwidth and disk space limitations. However this allows you to try out the service, get your site up and running and then upgrade later.

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