For Businesses with Less than 5 PCs

With up to 5 PCs in your business there is not much we can tell you that you don’t already know.




However we can help you with

  • Getting your company more visible on the web.
  • Sharing files in the office so that everyone has access to customer information but only authorized people have access to company accounts and payroll information.
  • Making sure that all your critical data is backed up on a daily basis and taken off site.
  • Making sure that staff have access to emails when out of the office when required.
  • Allowing staff to work from home and still have access to information in the office.
  • Making sure that you are fully compliant with Data Protection legislation.
  • Making sure that all software is licensed.
  • Providing guidance on making the information flow within your organization more effective.
  • Providing help in reducing your telephone and internet costs.