For Businesses with 5 to 10 PCs

This is the time you need to plan for future growth. Its like building a house. If the foundations are wrong then everything will fall down at some point in the future.
As well as providing the same service for smaller organisations, we can also help with the following

  • Maximising your exposure on the web using search engine optimization techniques, online ordering etc.
  • Help in keeping your company in the minds of your customers via use of the web, email marketing campaigns, blogs, social media etc.
  • Help in setting up on line tools so that you can share information with customers and partners
  • Making sure you have the right Information so you know which are your best customers (spend, profit, paying on time) and which are your best products (turnover and profit)
  • Making sure all users have a unique log-on to your network and that their activity is logged if required.
  • Help in making sure that your staff are not spending too much time browsing the web.
  • Making sure that the right users have access to the right information. e.g. So that the receptionist does not have access to payroll information.
  • Making sure that users have access to shared documents so that you do not have multiple versions of sales forecasts etc.
  • Provide help in making sure you have the right telephony equipment.
  • Making sure that your IT is fit for the future growth of your company.