For Businesses with Greater than 20 PCs

Looking after 20 PCs can very often feel like a full time job. You may need access to IT support services or allocate the IT support role to a bright spark in the office. You may have even employed someone specifically to support your IT. However you will also need to make sure that your IT is being managed effectively.

Let us help you manage your IT

We can:

  • Assist in drawing up an IT strategy that is aligned to your business strategy.
  • Make sure you have the right communications platform to support all of your customers and partners.
  • Make sure that your mobile workforce has the right tools to keep in touch and yet still keep your information secure.
  • Provide an audit of all your current IT infrastructure and processes.
  • Audit any partners you share your customer information with to make sure they are keeping that data secure.
  • Help with payment providers for card payments, Direct Debits, Paypal etc.
  • Develop an internal website or intranet to help your staff keep up to date with what’s happening within the company. This can be expanded to allow your customers to be included and feel important to you.
  • Help in the production and testing of Disaster Recovery plans.