IT Strategy

Today as your business is so heavily dependant upon IT Systems then you need to make sure the objectives of your IT department are aligned with the objectives of the business.

All too often we have seen IT departments sets its long term objectives according to emerging technologiues in the market place rather than the direction of the business it is meant to serve.

Like any other strategy document your IT strategy cannot be produced in isolation. This means it needs to be owned by and have input from all key staff within the department. This make sure that the plan is not a series of directives pushed down from the top but a common vision and goal for all involved.

We have also witnessed some organisations trying to break their IT strategy down into extreme detail. This task can take so long that by the time it is complete the business has a whole new set of objectives.

PragmatIT IT Services  can help you produce an IT Strategy and navigate through the minefield of different options by using your business plan as a starting point.

In essence –
  • We make sure that you have the right people involved in this process
  • We help you produce a SWOT analysis of your current IT Services identifying significant issues and risks
  • We  look at your key business objectives from the business plan.
  • We also look at what currently are the 5 most significant issues you face within IT.
  • We then help you to identify how you can achieve these business objectives and solve your current issues, very often coming up with a number of different options.
  • The output of this will be a list of potential high level projects. these are then prioritised by looking at business impact and ease of implementation.
  • This then produces your IT roadmap which can then be broken down into .

Of course it’s pointless having a strategy if you are unable to achive it’s implementation.
We can help by advising on change control procedures so that all operationally raised changes which are compatible with your strategic plan are prioritised higher than those which are not.

Once complete this strategy should not become a document gathering dust on your shelf. Instead it should be a point of referral for all major decisions.

We can help in communicating this strategy to all involved, reporting on progress and keeping it up to date.