Systems Development Services

With having 25 years of working within IT, we have gained a lifetimes experience in the Software Development Life-cycle,

We can help your business in the following areas.

Business Analysis.

We have skills in teasing out the detail of business processes so that the current and required business process is laid out in non technical language.

Requirements Gathering.

We can help in conducting workshops with user groups or on a one to one basis to gather all the initial system requirements.
We can then use all of this information to produce a requirements document that is unambiguous to the software developer. With our experience in Information Security we also make sure that the security policies are reviewed so that security requirements are built in rather than bolted on at the end of a project.

Software Development / Systems Selection.

We can help you in the selection of a package solution or help you develop your own application using our own development resources.

Software Testing.

We can help in producing test scripts and documentation to make sure that your systems works as designed. We always get your users involved in the acceptance testing to ensure that the system meets all the requirements they raised earlier on in the development process.

Project Management.

All of the above should be project managed with care so as to minimise scope creep and cost / schedule over runs. PragmatIT has extensive experience in manageng software development and implementation projects.

Database Design.

With so much experience in software development we are well versed in Database Design both logicl and physical to ensure optimum performance of your database whether its a simple Access Database or a clustered SQL Server

Software Integration.

We c an help you integrate your applications together as we have a toolbox of different glues to bring systems together. In particular we are skilled at integarting your CRM Systems with telephony systems.

Change Control.

Change is the only constant in our lives.  All development projects should embrace change.  The key is the management of change. We accept that requirements may change during the life of a project. We can introduce a change management process that will highlight any change and allow the project board to make an informed decision as to whether or not to implement the change based on costs / schedule / risks and benefits.