Working with your IT Department

We can work with your IT department in a number of ways.

  • We can provide project management resource to help your department manage specific projects.
  • We can provide resources to backfill existing staff whilst they work on strategic projects. An example of this is whereby we would help manage your help desk whilst existing staff work on new system integration projects.
  • We can help you in building a IT strategy that is aligned to your business strategy.
  • We can also help in IT processes such as implementing policies and procedures around information security and change control.


As an IT Manager, do you feel that you spend nearly all of your time just keeping existing systems running knowing full well that you need to devote more time to planning for the future and getting important projects delivered.
Instead these projects just sit on the back burner making no real progress until it becomes an emergency and then the project is rushed through possibly not delivering all the benefits it was originally designed to achieve.

The most obvious solution is to bring in more resource particularly contract resource. However with the current financial climate and squeeze on your budget you know this is going to be impossible to achieve. Also as you are spending all your time keeping the wheels turning how are you going to devote time to manage this expensive resource.

This is where a pragmatic approach to IT projects really helps.

By using Pragmatit project management service we can be your contractor on demand.

We can manage the project completely or we can assist you in managing the project yourself. Rather than bringing in a contractor for a block of time such as 3 months, Pragmatit IT can be on your site for a set number of hours per week. this can be varied very quickly as and when the project workload and your availability dictates.

Another way of working would be to use Pragmatit as a project office. We will make sure that all your project has the correct level of documentation and will make sure that all project sponsors and staff are kept upto date. will also perform the updating of project task status and any chasing as and when required.