The square wheels syndrome



The square wheels syndrome


As a leader within your business, Do you sometimes feel that you are pulling a cart with square wheels with your team pushing from behind. The square wheels are your business processes and systems. They work but you get the feeling that they could work better. You pick up ideas along the way and put them in your cart. However you never get the time to implement these ideas because you are so busy keeping the wheels turning and the business moving. Have you ever considered the thought that some of those ideas in your cart could in fact be a set of round wheels which will help you make the job of running your business easier. You know that there are loads of projects that you want to get underway and move towards completion. However you feel that your hands are permanently tied. There are always something more urgent operationally which is grabbing your attention and using up your energy. The day job is always getting in the way of strategic planning.

This is where you need to apply a pragmatic approach to Change.

PragmatIT IT apples a pragmatic approach to IT for your business.

Not only can we support and improve your IT systems we can help you implement change within your business. We can do this at a pace that suits you and your budget.

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