Disaster Recovery Planning

Over the past 10 years due to the increase in number of recovery options, Disaster Recovery planning has become more complex.

With the availability of high speed Internet access it is now possible for users to be given a memory stick which will activate a virtual work desktop from their home PC.
Also with the advent of virtualisation and cloud computing! IT systems can be recovered in hours rather than days.
This has meant that the recovery of the work area is now on the critical path in disaster recovery plans.

Therefore business leaders are now under increasing pressure to have detailed plans for recovery of the operational areas available and kept up to date. With rapid changes being implemented in every parts of the business, it now makes sense for the ownership of these plans to be devolved to departmental heads. However departmental heads may not realise the importance of keeping these plans upto date until it is too late.

The traditional threat to a business was fire or flood. However it is now understood that lack of access to business premises is the most likeliest threat to your business.

PragmatIT IT Services Can help with all aspects of the Disaster Recovery Planning Process working with your IT Department was well as each department within your business.

Working with each department we can help in producing a Business Impact Assessment to help identify the order of systems recovery and required timescales.
We can then help you produce a full Business Continuity plan for each department and provide guidance in keeping these documents up to date.

We can also help in testing of plans from either a desk exercise working out responses to various disaster scenarios to planning and coordinating a full test with your work area recovery centre.

We work with your IT Department by making sure that

  • All systems have up to date recovery plans as well as scripts.
  • All system interdependencies are identified
  • The IT recovery plans are aligned to the Business Impact Assessment(s)
  • All Backup procedures are tested on a regular basis by performing test restores.
  • We help you in the planning and coordinating of tests.