When do you get your own IT Department

At what point in the growth of your business does a company need their own IT resources?

Normally a business has 2 main requirements at this stage.

  1. Resources are required to support current infrastructure and systems.
  2.  An IT Strategy needs to be defined particularly if the business is expanding.

The problem with this is that a normal 1st or 2nd line support person will not have the experience or gravitas to define a coherent IT strategy.

A senior IT professional will have the strategy sorted within a couple of months and may not want to get embroiled in tedious support issues.

PragmatIT IT Services has years of experience in defining IT Strategy.

PragmatIT can be engaged to define the IT strategy and help select a suitable support person. We make sure that this person is business customer focused as well as having the right technical skills.

This IT strategy will produce a list of projects for the Internal IT resources to work on.

We make ourselves available to the IT resource for help and guidance 24/7. In a way it’s more like IT mentoring than IT management.

Once a month we meet with the client to review project progress and to discuss any issues.

The benefits are clear:

The client has a very experienced IT Manager working at a highly competitive price

The internal IT resource has a senior IT manager on call as well as having the autonomy of making their own decisions.

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